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        Snow-covered beach along Great Lakes shoreline
        Two Peninsulas,
        One Pure Michigan.

        Virtually Travel Pure Michigan

        Now is the perfect time to plan your vacation.

        If you’re not sure where to start, there are plenty of virtual travel opportunities to explore Michigan in the meantime. 

        No matter where you are, you can get a sneak peek of everything that Michigan has to offer while planning your unforgettable travel experience. See Michigan’s destinations in real time with our growing collection of live webcams, or immerse yourself in 360° videos of unique attractions. From virtual museum tours and interactive field trips to a variety of video content and online events, the opportunities continue to grow.
        After you explore Michigan from the comfort of your home, check out our top tips for planning your Michigan vacation, as well as our endless outdoor adventures and hidden gems.
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        "Two Peninsulas, One Pure Michigan" T-Shirt & Cloth Mask
        With every purchase, a donation will go to the Michigan Hospitality Industry Employee Relief Fund (MRLA).

        Choose from a T-shirt (unisex) and a variety of cloth masks (adult and youth).
        Cloth face mask that reads "Two Peninsulas, One Pure Michigan"
        Virtual Visits & Experiences
        More Virtual Experiences & Trip Ideas
        Explore Michigan in 360°
        Explore more immersive, virtual experiences with Pure Michigan's 360° videos, from enjoying a sunset at Point Betsie Lighthouse to watching penguins swim overhead at the Polk Penguin Conservation Center.
        Take a Trip in a Minute
        You don't need long to take a virtual trip. Explore Pure Michigan's Trip in a Minute videos to a quick virtual escape. 
        Isle Royale National Park Experience
        Get a first-person view of one of Michigan's most pristine and remote attractions. Isle Royale National Park is where adventurers will find a unique, wilderness experience.
        Spirit of Travel | National Travel and Tourism Week 2020
        Celebrate National Travel and Tourism Week 2020 with the #SpiritOfTravel. Plan your trip to discover the unique and memorable places, people and natural beauty of Pure Michigan.

        When the time is right, we will be here. Until then, explore these virtual adventures and plan your future getaway. 
        Educational & Interactive
        Pure Michigan Fun Facts Worksheet
        The whole family can learn about Michigan while completing fun games and puzzles with the Pure Michigan Fun Facts Worksheet. 

        After you've completed the worksheet, compare it to the answer key here
        Front and back images of the Fun Facts Worksheet
        Virtual Field Trips
        The whole family can experience a fun and educational adventure. Explore Michigan's virtual and interactive field trips:

        Bat 360° Experience →
        360° Interactive Experience: Penguins →
        Raptor 360° Experience →
        Penguin at Detroit Zoo
        The Henry Ford Virtual Experiences
        Explore The Henry Ford to learn about some of the country’s most renowned inventors and innovators, curated exhibits and more:

        Take a Virtual Visit →
        Watch The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation →
        Explore The Henry Ford on YouTube →
        More Museums & Educational Opportunities
        Museums throughout Michigan now offer virtual tours and educational, interactive content. Explore them all to learn about history, science and more with the whole family. 
        Water Exhibit at Impression 5 Science Center
        Puzzles & Games
        Ski lifts on snowy Mt. Brighton with Pure Michigan logo.
        More people are using video conferencing software like Zoom to stay in touch. Use these images to add a Pure Michigan background to your virtual conversations.
        Graphic design that reads "Gone Wandering. We'll Be Back Soon."
        If you want to send a greeting that will give someone a smile, we’ve got the perfect thing for you: personalized, virtual postcards from Pure Michigan.
        Woman swimming in Lake Superior.
        Thousands of years ago, receding glaciers formed the Great Lakes and created Michigan’s iconic peninsulas. Here are ten fun facts you may not know about these incredible natural treasures.