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        Girl making snow angle
        Pure Michigan
        Travel Guide

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        Start planning your Pure Michigan getaway today!

        2020 Pure Michigan Fall-Winter Travel Guide Cover

        The 2020 Pure Michigan Fall/Winter Travel Guide highlights stunning sights to see, exciting places to go and fun activities to experience for visitors and residents alike. The free travel guide is available in print as well as a digital and universally accessible format, allowing users to access the guide from their desktop and mobile devices while on the go.

        To receive the printed version of the 2020 Pure Michigan Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer travel guides, complete the order form below and sign up for our free travel newsletters. You can also order a guide by calling (888) 784-7328. Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing (requests outside of the U.S. may take longer.)  To request a bulk shipment (greater than 10 copies) contact Amanda Munson.

        View the digital editions of our previous Pure Michigan travel guides online:

        More Michigan Travel Information:
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        Travel Guides are only shipped to the countries listed in the Country dropdown picklist.  If you do not see your country listed, please access the Universally Accessible Digital Guide for your travel information.  The Universally Accessible Digital Guide can be downloaded and printed as well.
        Man and woman walking into Lake Michigan with surfboards
        Plan your perfect summer vacation with the 2020 Pure Michigan Spring/Summer Travel Guide.
        Person walking through snow carrying skis.
        Find your winter escape with the 2019 Pure Michigan Winter Travel Guide.
        Carp River Valley in Fall at Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park
        Discover your fall getaway with the 2019 Pure Michigan Fall Travel Guide.