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        Paddle boarders walking through Great Lakes waves
        Discover Your
        Perfect Getaway

        Summer in Pure Michigan

        We call it the “Lake Effect.”

        As the sun rises above the horizon, a new day calls us outside to the enchanting waters of Pure Michigan. 

        With long days of comfortable temperatures and the nation’s longest freshwater coastline, Michigan is a summer destination like no other. Our two peninsulas are home to more than 11,000 lakes, forested state parks, spectacular dark skies and vibrant urban landscapes that set a scene of both peaceful tranquility and adventure for an endless list of summer activities.
        From woodland backpacking adventures to family-fun days on the beach or discovering urban attractions to tasting one-of-a-kind food and drink, Michigan has something to offer to every traveler. Below you can explore all the activities that create an unforgettable Pure Michigan summer and find your perfect destination.
        Pure Michigan Featured Destination Finder
        Whether you're looking for an urban adventure or outdoor escape, the perfect getaway is waiting for you in Michigan. 
        Dark Skies
        Whether you're searching for the otherworldly Milky Way or ethereal northern lights, you can find it all in Pure Michigan.
        Michigan's Upper Peninsula | Heart Rate
        They say the perfect resting heartbeat is 60 beats per minute – we couldn’t agree more, most of the time.
        Pure Michigan Summer Bucket List
        We fluttered over to the Fred & Dorothy Fichter Butterflies Are Blooming exhibition at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park to see what all the "buzz" is about, and ask visitors what's on their summer bucket list for Pure Michigan.
        Use #PureMichigan on Instagram or Twitter to share your photos of the season.