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        Cross country skier in snowy forest

        Cross Country Skiing

        It's all about the journey.

        Cross country skis offer the perfect way to glide through snowy trails and take in the peaceful sights and sounds of a Pure Michigan winter day.

        Cross country skiing epitomizes the saying “it’s all about the journey, not the destination.” Enjoy that journey along Michigan’s more than 3,000 miles of cross country ski trails. With each mile you will discover the hush of snow-covered landscapes that set the tone for a contemplative, yet invigorating, winter pastime. Don't have skis? Equipment rental information is listed below.

        Whether you prefer classic or skate-style skiing, Michigan is steeped in history when it comes to this silent winter sport, which can be enjoyed in solitude or with family and friends. Ski along national lakeshores, through wooded wonderlands, or visit Cross Country Ski Headquarters, a Nordic mecca where cross country is king. Are you ready to glide into Pure Michigan?

        Still Pure | Pure Michigan
        Cross Country Skiing: A Pure Michigan Winter
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