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        Michigan's Upper Peninsula

        The Upper Peninsula

        We get an average of 200 inches of snow annually so whatever your cold-weather favorites may be, head to Michigan's Upper Peninsula and find out why our winters are like none other.   
        Walk in a gentle snowfall, admiring the beautiful Upper Peninsula countryside that is covered in a soft white blanket. Listen to the soft crunch of snow underfoot and the light tinkle of snowflakes landing. Or sit inside next to a cozy fireplace, listening to the logs crackle, and sipping a warm drink. Find peace & quiet UP here.
        With so much fresh snow, there are also plenty of things to do in the U.P. From traditional activities like downhill skiingsnowshoeing and snowmobiling, to more adventurous ones like dog sledding and ice climbing, the list goes on. Find your favorite winter sports UP here. Hero Image Courtesy @bully_wagon
        The Upper Peninsula is home to more than 40 lighthouses along its Great Lakes coasts ― some are still active while others give you a glimpse into the past. 
        Photo Courtesy @jackiemwrites
        Fat Tire Biking
        The U.P.'s bike trail systems aren't limited to the summer and fall seasons. This winter, hop onto your fat tire bike and shred some of our snowy hills! Photo Courtesy @kristiansaile  
        Museums & Historic Sites
        More than a hundred museums, historic sites and homes throughout the U.P. tell our centuries of fascinating stories and give inspiration for the future. Photo Courtesy @saraciesse
        Under The Radar Visits The UP
        Lakes and Beaches
        Lake effect is our unquenchable year-around passion for water and we have millions of gallons to share with you. Fresh. Unsalted. Our lakes and beaches are stunningly beautiful all four seasons. Photo Courtesy @neil_went
        Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
        Some of the Upper Peninsula's best views can be seen from these iconic "painted" rocks. Once Lake Superior freezes, you can even explore the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore from the ice! Photo Courtesy @cmickey67
        Michigan's Upper Peninsula | Heart Rate | Pure Michigan
        They say the perfect resting heartbeat is 60 beats per minute – we couldn’t agree more, most of the time.
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