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        Historic Sites
        History and Arts

        History and Arts

        Learn the story of Pure Michigan

        From Native American culture to the impact of the automobile, from 18th century forts to living history museums, the story of Michigan is written on historic sites throughout the state.
        Explore a century-old covered bridge or ascend a lighthouse tower for a sweeping view of the Great Lakes. Take a spin in a Model T or wander the halls of a 19th-century lumber baron's mansion. These are the stories of generations of Michiganders. America's battles for the Straits of Mackinac come to life through costumed interpreters at Colonial Michilimackinac.
        Sites like the Upper Peninsula's Quincy Mine showcase the hardships endured by Michigan miners who fueled the industrial era. And the accomplishments of a nation, from the Wrights' bicycle shop turned airplane lab to Thomas Edison's innovative lightbulb and Rosa Parks' quest for Civil Rights, sit on display at The Henry Ford Museum.
        Fayette State Park
        Historic Barn Tour / Romeo
        Mill Creek Discovery Park
        Quincy Mine Tours
        Guarding Building
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