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        Latte in coffee mug
        Coffee Break

        Coffee Shops

        You may have heard of Michigan’s amazing craft beer scene, or its abundant wineries, but did you know that Michigan can also brew an amazing cup of coffee?
        More than that, great coffee shops and roasters can be found in the most unexpected of places, all over the state.
        So, before a full day of exploring Pure Michigan, we suggest starting your day in a local coffee shop where you can relax, sip and caffeinate.
        Foster Coffee | Owosso
        Java Joe's Café
        Not only will you discover amazing coffee at Java Joe's Cafe, but you'll also find friendly service and a passion for all things UP. 
        Water Street Coffee
        With a focus on combining science and art to create quality coffee, Water Street Coffee will have you coming back for more. 
        Latte with whip cream and cinnamon
        Herman's Boy Inc.
        Coffee shop with shelves of products
        Under the Radar and Biggby Bob
        Born in East Lansing, Biggby Coffee has strong ties to its communities and is founded around the idea that coffee brings people together. 
        Use #PureMichigan on Instagram or Twitter to share your photos.
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