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        The Petoskey Area

        The Petoskey Area

        The Petoskey Area: Five waterfront resort communities - Petoskey, Alanson, Boyne City, Bay Harbor and Harbor Springs - along with Boyne Falls, make up this awesome place known as a Michigan Treasure.
        The best snow sports between the Rockies and New England are just part of what makes Petoskey Area winter fun so amazing. Our major ski and snowboarding areas total more than 160 downhill runs. 
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        Lots of space to call your own
        Outdoor beauty is a year 'round thing in the Petoskey Area
        Outside fun doesn't have to require a lot of skill
        Skiing, boarding and more. If it's fun in the winter, you can do it here
        The Petoskey Area has tons of room to roam and explore
        The Petoskey Area is where family fun begins and keeps on going
        Zoom on our trails instead of in your chair
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