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        One of the best parts about Marquette County is the changing of seasons (among a ton of other reasons), and winter is no exception.
        Explore your favorite outdoor attractions with a pair of snowshoes, cross country skis, or a fat tire bike.

        Travel Safely this Winter

        Warm up with some hot cocoa in the ski lodge or a cold brew in an igloo. But whatever you do, don't just face winter - embrace it. #MakeYourMarq in Marquette County.


        Morning has Broken
        Photo Courtesy @picturerae
        I Love Days Like This
        Photo Courtesy @jibbs02
        Marquette Harbor Light
        Photo Courtesy @woolcapphotos
        Local Hangouts
        Hot spots to shop, drink and dine in downtown Marquette.
        Biking Marquette County
        From tame terrain to rocky climbs and steep declines, we have trails tailored to all riding levels.
        Iron Ore Heritage Trail
        The Iron Ore Heritage Trail has been designated as a Pure Michigan Trail.
        Marquette Social Feed
        Tag your photos with #MakeYourMarq.