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        Grand Rapids:
        Dream Grand & Go

        Grand Rapids

        With its vibrant art, beer, and food scenes, Grand Rapids is truly a place where you can dream grand and go this winter. No wonder Jetsetter.com named it the best place to visit in 2020!

        Check out our Travel Page for information that will help you travel with confidence. Our local restaurants, breweries, and attractions are keeping your safety front and center.

        Travel Updates for Grand Rapids 

        Winter's cooler temps make for snow-filled outdoor rec experiences that are minutes away from the heart of downtown, while local shops are filled with one-of-a-kind gifts for the holidays. In Grand Rapids, a perfectly Pure Michigan experience awaits!

        Cool City with Endless Possibilities
        A vibrant city awaits you in Grand Rapids.
        The Grand Outdoors

        Grand Rapids is a place that combines the best of a city trip with easy access to nature. We call it the Grand Outdoors. Learn more.

        Beer City Eats
        Some of the most creative, delectable and satisfying food in town is served in our craft breweries - find out what Beer City Eats. Learn more.

        Terms to Travel By
        Unique terms highlighting the many one-of-a-kind Grand Rapids travel experiences. Learn more.
        Under The Radar Comes To GR
        Grand Rapids Social Feed
        Tag your photos with #ExperienceGR