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        Detroit. It’s GO time.?


        Welcome to Detroit: the friendly, walkable, vibrant city that's perfect for your next weekend getaway. The city's energy is infectious, and you will be amazed by all there is to see and do. Forbes notes: "Ever-evolving Detroit surprises and surprises again."
        Plan your visit to Detroit using our visitdetroit.com. It has information on everything you need to know: current events and festivals, world-class cultural attractions, innovative restaurants, walkable shopping districts and stylish boutique hotels. 
        While you're in Detroit, be sure to check off items on our Detroit Bucket List. It includes all the classics, like the Motown Museum and Belle Isle; but be sure to check out some of the unique items, like the Heidelberg Project, the Michigan Renaissance Festival and the dueling Coney Islands.
        Let's Groove Together
        Food That Inspires
        Food helps us understand a city's culture and influencers. Discover the variety of gastro masterpieces that are defining Detroit's phenomenal food scene.
        many people having dinner and drinks at detroit vineyards
        It's Always Better with Beer
        Unpretentious and comfortable. Beer and Detroit are a hoppy match made in heaven.
        having a craft beer at batch brewing
        #Detroit for the Gram
        Fisher Building - Theatre Doors
        Shop Like a Detroiter
        Detroit’s shopping scene is independent, imaginative and authentic. 
        front exterior view of narrow way store courtesy bill bowen
        Explore Detroit's Musical Side
        Home to the world’s largest free Jazz Festival, Detroit has a reputation for moving souls — and soles — with its great, live jazz clubs.

        Willis Show Bar photo by Michelle and Chris Gerard
        Rich in Cultural Attractions
        Detroit has a rich and deep cultural character that spans from music and art to beautiful parks and Prohibition.
        water fountain at belle isle with people walking around
        Having Fun Detroit Style
        Toss a football at bowling pins? Swing a club at a virtual golf ball? Detroit has something fresh and fun around every corner.
        throwing a football at a bowling pin "Fowling"
        Detroit's Always Got Game
        Detroit is passionate about its hometown teams and spring is the time.we take it outdoors.
        couple walking outside comerica park with their detroit tigers shirts on
        One Day in Detroit
        Detroit Social Feed
        Tag your photos with #downtowndetroit